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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Fun with pictures!
Monday, December 01, 2003

First of all, congratulations to Clint and Kelly! In their honor, and because I just got back from a wedding in Chicago, here's a post about some of the politics of gettin' hitched.

In a recent post at Crescat, Amanda Butler brings up the oft-quoted statistic that female academics are more likely to be married to other academics than male academics are. (You can also insert "scientist", "lawyer", etc, for "academic".) People generally seem to find this surprising, or objectionable.

But folks, it's just a numbers game. There are more male academics (scientists, lawyers) than female, and marriages occur (at present) only between members of opposite sexes, so naturally the proportion of women married to other fill-in-the-blanks is going to be larger. It is plausible to be concerned about some of the implications of that fact--women may be less likely than men to have a spouse with a less-demanding job and hence more time and energy for caretaking at home--but the fact itself is not going to change until the academe reaches gender parity.

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